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Our Mission:

Seeds of Hope cultivates minds and hearts for Christ by striving to make a transformative Catholic education financially accessible to any family who seeks it.

What is the impact of Catholic Education?


Catholic Education gives our youth a better chance for success.

The Latest:

SOH Scholarship Recipient | Nurtured by Faith & Empowered by Education

In the heart of Denver, Colorado, a remarkable journey began for Nayla Hernandez, now a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. Nayla’s story is not just one of academic achievement but also a testament to the power of faith, family, and love.
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Embracing God’s Children

Seeds of Hope Partner School, Annunciation, Embraces and Supports Migrant Students. Earlier this winter, migrant families traveling from Venezuela arrived in Denver unprepared for the cold weather and for Colorado to be their final destination…
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After struggles, anxiety, students finds joy, friendship at Catholic school

Seeds of Hope changed the life of Emily Chamoun and her single mother, Jennifer, during the complex educational challenges of COVID-19.
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Rocio Cortes | Into the Fullness of the Church

Seeds of Hope helped a single mother of four boys give them a Catholic education and brought all five in the family into the fullness of the Catholic Church.
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Seeds of Hope Stats – Worthy of Your Investment

(Through FY 2024)

The median household income for families of Seeds of Hope scholarship recipients.
Number of scholarships granted since 1996.
The average family contribution per child for a Seeds of Hope family in 2023; no Seeds of Hope student attends for free and the families make tremendous sacrifices to provide their children a Catholic education.
Total Seeds of Hope has granted since its inception in 1996.
Approximate Seeds of Hope scholarships awarded in School Year 2023-2024


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