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2 of 4 – Q&A with Principal of St. John the Evangelist – Mrs. Nichole Rottinghaus

1. What are you most excited about for the 2019-2020 school year?

St. John the Evangelist Catholic School is blessed with a phenomenal group of educators who are committed to the academic and spiritual enrichment of our students. It’s a real blessing for our student body that all teachers will return this year! Our great team will continue to build momentum around student learning!

2. What challenges do you face at your school?

Enrollment presents several challenges. While a smaller student body presents many benefits, at the same time, the ability to offer elective and extracurricular opportunities – like those offered at competing schools – is demanding. We are grateful to our school parents who volunteer their time and talents to ensure that our students benefit from these activities.

3. What challenges do you face regarding enrollment?

Oftentimes, tuition can be an obstacle for families who are considering enrolling their children at our school. Many parents have shared their concern with me that if they enroll their children at our school this year, there’s the real possibility that tuition may be beyond their reach over the long term and they hesitate to take the leap of faith.

4. How do you help new students integrate?

We make sure and connect with families one-on-one many times during and after the enrollment process. Once students start school, teachers pair our new students up with another student to help them learn our culture. We have really wonderful students – it’s heartwarming to watch them take new students under their wing and help them make friends at school.

5. What do you want most for your students? What is success for you?

Right now, I want them to find joy coming to school, knowing that they are safe and that everyone here supports them and is guiding them to become the person God has planned for them. I want them to graduate from St. John’s with the confidence to share their faith with others and approach future challenges and opportunities through a Catholic worldview.

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