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Our Mission

Seeds of Hope cultivates minds and hearts for Christ by striving to make a transformative Catholic education financially accessible to any family who seeks it.

The foremost goal of Seeds of Hope is to cultivate minds and hearts for Christ. If a family, regardless of their economic or geographical status, desires a quality, faith-based education, it is the mission and responsibility of Seeds of Hope to make it possible. By providing scholarships and tuition assistance, we give families the choice to send their children to a Catholic school where spiritual, mental, academic, and physical formation is provided.

Seeds of Hope also strives to assist and sustain these Catholic communities which support families in all aspects of life. Seeds of Hope grants not only allow for parent choice in education, but also bolster each school's tuition income. Schools can remain open with this additional funding and continue their work as foundations for their communities and families. Seeds of Hope desires, in the coming years, to provide Archdiocese of Denver schools with the resources necessary to increase enrollment and create long-term sustainability.

Assistance offered by Seeds of Hope has varied in the organization’s history — from need-based scholarships to grants made directly to schools for technology upgrades or building repairs. As the founders of Seeds of Hope intended, all of the assistance provided by Seeds of Hope has helped keep doors open at Catholic schools. Seeds of Hope has provided more than 25,250 scholarships, totaling more than $47.6 million in financial assistance since its start in 1996.

Outside of our traditional role of providing tuition assistance and scholarships for children to attend Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools, Seeds of Hope is partnering with the Archdiocese of Denver’s Office of Catholic Schools to operate and maintain the Variable Tuition Program (VTP). The VTP is one aspect of an ongoing effort to attract new families, grow enrollment and make a transformative Catholic education financially accessible. The VTP is a decision-support tool for schools to help calculate what a family can afford to pay for tuition based on the family’s financial position. For more information, click here:

Catholic schools have four key factors that set them apart from public schools and help ensure no child falls through the cracks — rigorous academics, faith formation, a nurturing community, and the reinforcement of family values. Catholic schools are a necessary and life-saving part of the fabric of the community.

The Archdiocese of Denver and its Office of Catholic Schools have crafted a vision that intends to refocus the mission of our schools. We believe that Catholic schools must be 1.) on mission, 2.) excellent in every way, 3.) accessible to all, and 4.) sustainable for the future. You can read more about this vision here: 

To see a list of the Archdiocese of Denver schools we serve, click here


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