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Adopt-a-Student Program

Looking to have a direct impact with your donation? The Seed of Hope Adopt-a-Student program is for you! This program is Seeds of Hope’s most popular tuition assistance program and is designed specifically for an interactive experience between the student and donor, funding students with the greatest need in our Archdiocese of Denver Catholic schools.

The direct, high-impact of the Adopt-A-Student program:
• Each adopted student is identified by the school and Seeds of Hope as being in the highest-need circumstance where the family needs the most aid and receives $3,500 in tuition assistance.
•Students are recommended not only based on need, but also based on parent involvement and a demonstrated commitment to their student’s education and faith.
• 100 percent of an Adopt-A-Student contribution goes toward the student’s tuition, giving a student the opportunity to attend a school in which he or she will flourish and grow a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Come along for the transformative journey of Catholic education with one of our students. Your gift will be life changing...and the life you change may be your own!

"To see the direct impacts our gifts had with our adopted student and how she grew academically and spiritually year after year was wonderful. We knew our money was making a difference in her life, which was very rewarding." — Adopt-a-Student donor

For questions about the Adopt-a-Student program, contact Gina Abbott at or (303) 715-3216.