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Ambassadors of Hope


The Ambassadors of Hope program was founded in 2003 by dedicated parishioners from St. Thomas More Church in Englewood, Colorado, led by Joanne Horne. The parishioners realized how much volunteers could give to the Catholic elementary schools in the inner city of Denver, and felt called to do something. They saw the struggles that schools face with low budgets and the need for extra hands in the classroom.

Ambassadors of Hope volunteers serve as mentors and tutors students, assist teachers with classroom duties, and help wherever needed.

The Ambassadors of Hope program is a great way to give back to the community; Ambassadors are invaluable to the success of Catholic schools. Whether you can give one to two hours a month or are available to volunteer daily, our schools would love to have you!

Our Students

No training is necessary; we have volunteers of all education experience! Volunteers simply need to do the following:

1.)    Submit a volunteer application here.

2.)    Complete a background check. Once you've submitted your volunteer application (above link), we'll send you an email with information on completing your background check.

3.)    Complete Safe Environment Training (SET) Called to Protect. Send us a copy of your certificate and keep one on file for yourself. If you're not already certified, click here for upcoming classes.

Yes. If you feel more comfortable volunteering in a role where children are not involved, please speak directly with the principal of the school where you are volunteering and he/she will help you find a position with a good fit for you.

Whether you are able to volunteer one to two hours a month or every day, the schedule is flexible and can be discussed with the principal at the school where you volunteer.

There is a section on the volunteer application where you can list the schools where you are interested in volunteering. At certain times of the year, there are different needs at different schools; we will work to get you at a school where you are most needed. There is always a high priority at schools in northern Denver.

You do not need to be Catholic to become an Ambassador of Hope. No matter your religious affiliation, we can use your help in our schools.

Because Seeds of Hope now serves all Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Denver, volunteers are appreciated at any school! Whether you already have an affiliation with a particular school or have no preference, we're happy to connect you with an opportunity to serve our students and administrators!