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It Takes a Village

It’s easy to take things for granted. It’s easy to forget the resources that many of us have at our disposal, including family and friends. When in need, most of us know we have someone to turn to for assistance or even a simple listening ear.

But not everyone has that. Hellen Yokwe was in that position, with no help and no relatives, she says, when she moved to Colorado in 2007 with two young children. By the grace of God, though, she found Holy Trinity and gained the support she needed and people who would reach out and be the hands of Christ to her.

Hellen and her daughter Jolly both say that the most important part of their experience at Catholic school has been the community. When her children were school-age, Hellen wanted to send them to Catholic school and raise them in the faith like she was, but she didn’t think she could afford it. It was through the encouragement of her Holy Trinity community and the financial assistance of Seeds of Hope and the school that eventually made it possible. They were the “village” that helped Hellen and her family.

Both of her children, Jolly and Joshua, still attend Catholic school. Joshua is a student at Arrupe Jesuit and Jolly is now a 6th grader at Holy Trinity. Jolly says that Math is her favorite subject and that she even enjoys her homework. Hellen says that Joshua has learned a lot and that the discipline of his schools has helped him mature and learn good decision-making.

When asked what she wants people to know about her experience with Catholic education, Hellen said she believes the primary education and formation of a child starts at home. She believes Holy Trinity supports her in her role as a parent and that Catholic education can be successful if parents are involved and support what teachers are doing, in turn. She says that Seeds of Hope makes it possible for parents to get the support they need when they otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Our Catholic parishes and schools are truly accomplishing the will of God, by providing a “home” for our neighbors in need.

If you’d like to support other families just like Hellen, Jolly, and Joshua, please click here. To learn more about Seeds of Hope, visit us at or call us at (303) 715-3127.