St. John the Baptist Student Learns English and Excels

Young Ariel started her educational career speaking almost no English; her parents are first-generation immigrants from Mexico. The family chose to send their children to the local public school where Ariel was placed in a transitional Spanish classroom. It wasn’t long, though, before Ariel’s parents became disturbed by the frightening behavior and activity that they witnessed in their neighborhood and at school.

They decided the best thing for their family was enrollment at St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Longmont. There, as a second grader, Ariel was fully immersed into an English classroom. It was definitely a struggle for her, but now Ariel, an articulate fifth grader says, “…I’ve learned English since coming to St. John’s. I have friends in my neighborhood who are in a different school and a lot of scary things happen to them all the time…It makes me feel good to know that I’m going to such a good school…Being able to talk about God and pray during the school day is really important to me.”

Not only does Ariel now speak fluent English in addition to her native Spanish, she’s fallen in love with the language and hopes to be a professional writer one day. After attending Holy Family High School, Ariel hopes to attend a college where she can pursue journalism and creative writing.

When asked how Seeds of Hope has been a part of her journey, Ariel says, “Seeds of Hope makes it possible for me to attend St. John’s. My parents work very hard but private school is expensive and they can’t pay for all of it on their own. Because my parents get help from Seeds of Hope to help pay for part of my tuition, I’m able to go to St. John’s.”

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