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Please join our mission at Women of Hope, a Guild of Seeds of Hope. We will grow together in our Catholic faith, as we listen and have direct access to the Executive Leadership Team of the Archdiocese of Denver, local authors and Catholic scholars.
These speakers will focus on Catholic education and other relevant topics.

Gathering Details listed below:
· St. John Paul II Center in Bonfils Hall ·
(optional Mass at Christ the King Chapel at 12:10pm)

To help further the mission of Catholic education, please make an annual membership gift of $500 or more.

Meeting Dates for 2023:
February 10th (room 125, not Bonfils)
March 3rd
April 14th
Summer Social in June - date TBD

Questions? Contact

Jessica Navin on Spiritual Warfare


Women of Hope Leadership Team

Tricia Sullivan
Executive Director, Seeds of Hope

Rachael Boyko
Program Coordinator, Seeds of Hope

Maribeth Hanzlik

Annie McBournie

Gina Osland

Joanie Todd

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