Our Mission

Our Mission

Seeds of Hope cultivates minds and hearts for Christ by striving to make a transformative Catholic education financially accessible to any family who seeks it.

What We Do

Seeds of Hope currently serves students attending nine Catholic elementary schools in the Denver area. (See History page for more information.) Because money is usually the determining factor in whether parents choose to send their children to Catholic school, low-income students, who could potentially benefit the most from Catholic education, were at a disadvantage prior to the founding of Seeds of Hope.

How We Help

Assistance offered by Seeds of Hope has varied in the organization’s history — from need-based scholarships to grants made directly to schools for technology upgrades or building repairs. As the founders of Seeds of Hope intended, all of the assistance provided by Seeds of Hope has helped keep doors open at Catholic schools. Seeds of Hope has served more than 17,000 students with more than $30 million in financial assistance since its start in 1996.

The Catholic School Difference

Catholic schools have four key factors that set them apart from public schools and help ensure no child falls through the cracks — rigorous academics, faith formation, a nurturing community, and the reinforcement of family values. Catholic schools are a necessary and life-saving part of the fabric of the community.

Our Partners

Our partner programs make it possible for us to reach hundreds more students each year, impacting lives in indescribable ways. 

Thank you to our incredible partners: 



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