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Into the Fullness
of the Church

Seeds of Hope helps families who want the benefits of a Catholic education for their children but fear they can’t afford it.

Rocio Cortes learned about Seeds of Hope when her younger sister transferred to Sts. Peter and Paul School because she had been bullied at her previous public school.

As a single mother of four boys under the age of five, Cortes was struggling with her own challenges when Sr. Mary Patrice invited her to send her boys to Sts. Peter and Paul.

“I was scared because I didn’t think my family was worthy to be at a Catholic school,” Cortes said.

Cortes felt welcomed right away and she was struck by how her boys began to fall in love with Jesus and their faith. Watching her boys pray and prepare for their sacraments through school, Cortes fell in love with the Eucharist too.

After being raised Lutheran, Cortes completed her sacraments and joined the Catholic Church on Easter last year.

“I prayed a lot about how God wanted me to live my life,” she said. “Faith has grown in my home, and I see how my boys will share what they’ve learned with their peers and future families."

The Cortes boys are flourishing in their education and their faith thanks to Seeds of Hope.

“I like that I can learn to spend time with Jesus at school,” said son Othello. “This helps me be my best.”

“What I like most about Sts. Peter and Paul is the amazing education I’m getting,” said son DeAndre. “Right now, I’m learning about quadratics and I’m good at it!”

Rocio Cortes enjoys being part of the school mission to bring hope to families like hers as they navigate the difficulties of life.

“I pray that God rewards all who help make it possible for us to attend this school. My boys are growing into the young men God created them to be and I am so proud,” Cortes said. “My hope is that they will continue to stay strong in their faith so that they will show God’s love to everyone they meet.”

Seeds of Hope provides more than 1,000 K-8 scholarships a year to families like the Cortes Family who want a faith-filled education for their children. For more information or to make a donation, call 303-715-3127, or visit

Single mom and 4 boys